1. What is CrossFit?

Crossfit is the new sport of fitness. It is functional training that combines high intensity workouts of strength, power, agility, speed and endurance in a structured and supervised environment. It is the training approach of choice for the military, police and firemen as well as many Olympic athletes. However, it is designed to be adaptable for everyone (even children and the elderly!). The workouts are often a combination of gymnastics and weight lifting, with different modalities to challenge everyone’s fitness level. It is important to start at the beginner level to give yourself a chance to learn the different techniques before attempting the full workouts as prescribed.

2. I’m totally out of shape.  Is CrossFit too intense for me?

No way.  The beauty of CrossFit is in its universal scalability, making it suitable for everyone and anyone.  Every workout can be modified to match any fitness level.  And before you know it you will be doing everything as prescribed!

3. Is CrossFit dangerous?

No, CrossFit is not at all dangerous.  It is actually an extremely intelligent, research driven fitness regimen that is quickly growing in popularity and changing lives across the globe.  Unfortunately, not all CrossFit gyms or CrossFit coaches are the same.  The CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course can be obtained by practically anyone over a span of a weekend, and we don’t believe that having just a Level 1 can make someone a coach capable of safely prescribing WODs to people.  At CrossFit Ile Bizard, we write our own programming to suit our members’ needs.  We don’t just copy them off other online sources.  We hire coaches with extensive education and experience.  We don’t hire cheerleaders that just encourage people to lift heavier regardless of what their form looks like.  We incorporate Yoga into our services to ensure proper flexibility and mobility thus reducing risk of injury.  We are anal about form, so if it doesn’t look pretty, we won’t let you put on any weight until it does! 

4. Do you offer free trials?

For sure.  From the our Mind Body Registration page, click on the “Shop Services and Products Tab.”  You have to choose “Studio Ile Bizard Free Trial Class” before registering for a class in the “Class Schedule” tab.

5. Do you have some sort of intro to CrossFit classes or something?

Yes we do.  You are welcome to try out a CrossFit class before you register, but there will be some exercises we won’t let you do yet if you’ve never done CrossFit before.  We require members that are new to CrossFit to first start with our “CrossFit Passport” and take 4 mandatory introductory Olympic lifting classes before signing up for any one of our memberships and attending CrossFit classes.  We review lifting and gymnastics skills regularly in our classes so you’ll learn and improve in no time.

6. Do you guys offer private training too?

Yes we do!  We have many options of packages to fit different goals and budgets.  Please call us for pricing.

7. What is this Be Training company I hear about?

Be Training is a fitness and wellness company that was launched in early 2009 by Sherry Shaban.  Since its inception, Be Training continues to offer the highest quality nutrition, training, and athletic therapy services in the homes and offices of Montrealers all across the city, and has become the leading fitness training company in Montreal.  CrossFit Ile Bizard is Be Training Ile Bizard’s CrossFit Affiliate.  Be Training’s second location is in Westmount.

8. There are lots of free exercise videos on the Internet, what do I need a trainer for?

Just as you wouldn’t use the Internet to self-diagnose an illness or disease, using a generic workout video made for the mass population, will never help you reach your specific goals.  A coach will focus on your specific goals, take into consideration your strengths, weaknesses and injuries, correct your form, push you to your limits, and keep your training progressive so that you can continue to see results and surpass them.

9. Doesn’t resistance training make you bulky?

No! Women are often concerned about the bulk they may gain if they lift weights, but this is simply not true. In order to build large muscles, you need higher levels of testosterone in your body, so for women it almost never happens because of their genetic disposition. Women who do achieve greater muscle mass usually supplement their diets with more protein and they lift VERY heavy weights almost every day for hours in order to gain this mass. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to truly bulk up. It doesn’t happen overnight.

10. What is functional training?

Functional training is a safe, highly efficient way of training that prepares you for LIFE. With functional training you are practicing motions that occur in daily life such as lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, squatting down, jumping over objects, running, reaching etc. There is no use for machines that you find in your typical gym because these machines only work one muscle group at a time. The theory behind functional training is that in real life, your muscles never work in isolation, so why train them that way? Your body needs to build strength, agility, flexibility, power and endurance as a whole unit in order to avoid injury and to be prepared for whatever life’s physical challenges may be.

 11. What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training. This method of training is designed to be time-efficient as well as a brilliant approach for increasing cardiovascular endurance, building lean muscle, and boosting fat loss. Intervals can vary from 10 seconds to more than 3 minutes, alternating intense work periods with rest. The idea is to push as hard as you can during your work interval, take a very short rest period than do it over and over and over again! This method can be modified for ALL fitness levels, as the duration and intensity of the intervals can be modified for the participant. This time-efficient program burns more fat and more calories in less than 10 minutes than half an hour of elliptical machine at a constant intensity. Your time is precious, so why waste it on machines that don’t work?

 12. What is an athletic therapist?

A certified athletic therapist, CAT(C), specializes in the injury prevention, and injury treatment and management of the active population. An athletic therapist’s range of competencies covers everything from emergency care of athletes on the field, to clinical rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, prevention of injuries through strength training and mobility programs, to postural correction and strength and conditioning.  The majority of insurance companies cover the service of a certified athletic therapist.

13. How many times a week should I train to see results?

Aim for a minimum 3 days per week with a clean diet.

 14. Is it safe to train while pregnant?

It is always recommended to consult your physician before starting a new fitness program while pregnant. Women who were already physically active before getting pregnant can most likely tolerate the same intensity training while they are pregnant. Each stage of the pregnancy can bring different challenges, so it is best to workout with an experienced trainer to guide you.  Studies have shown that women who exercise during pregnancy are less likely to experience complications in delivery, and give birth to babies with greater cardiovascular capacity (stronger and higher foetal heart rates) than those that don’t.


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