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Top 9 ways to improve WOD time

Always close but never coming out on top?! Our coaches know how to help you get the edge you need!




  • 1. Pace it out

The pace you follow during any WOD should be pre-planned. Sprinting out of the gates for a 25 minute AMRAP is clearly not a good idea, yet we always see the eager ones gunning it when the timer goes off! Slow down! relax… keeping your body relaxed is the best way to use up only the minimum amount of energy needed. Make a game plan and stick to it. Don’t use up energy carrying a heavy deadlift to the ground if it is not necessary. Pretend you’re a middle distance runner- always save a little to sprint at the end!


 2. Do more snatches

We LOVE lifting! The Olympic lifts have been proven time and again to improve various sport and athletic outcomes. Track athletes use the lifts to become stronger and more powerful. You should, too!


 3. Do more cleans

See above! Don’t forget that you might want to work on the full squat clean and Jerk rather than the easier, power cleans! When you train, always prefer to do the more technical/complex movement. This improves your assistance movements when WODding.


 4. Squat more

Strength is your best friend. Without it, you have no WOD. Spend time improving your back and front squat several times per week. Use cycles to focus on muscle strength, and the king of all strength movements, the squat.


 5. Don’t over-use your shoulders

Even though pull ups, muscle ups and all the rest are fun, they are tiring. Don’t treat your arms like they are legs! Unlike the thighs and hips where muscles are massive, naturally strong and designed to move us around, the shoulders and arms are not. Tiny, fragile muscles and soft tissue hold the shoulders together. While strength work is great, repeated high volume fatigues them. Don’t underestimate how long your shoulders might remain fatigued. Take extra care of your shoulders and always focus on recover and mobility.


6. Eat more carbs

Carbs are energy! EAT THEM!


 7. Eat post workout to quicken recovery

Your body is HUNGRY for the 30 minutes which follow any workout. Research has shown that the sooner glycogen stores are replenished, the quicker overall recovery time is. That means coming back to the next WOD ready to go. Eat carbs and protein after every single workout. A green salad is NOT enough. Go for whole, healthy grains, fruits, berries, and animal products- YUM!


 8. Learn to zone out

The psychological aspect of training is also important. How do people make it happen at high- stakes competitions? In any sport, the training is a part of psychological training for their competitions. Having the right mindset before and during competition is important. 1st: your outcome won’t be the end of the world (or the beginning) so relax. On the other hand, zoning out during a WOD to learn to focus on yourself, and also to not feel the pain is an ideal way of machining your way through WODs.


 9. Become a technical expert

Finally, improve and refine your technique on every single CrossFit movement. This makes you more efficient, and efficiency is the key perfect WODs. Master rowing, handstands, double-unders and all the others. It saves energy, reduces the risk of injury and makes you look awesome – and let’s be honest, most of us are here because it makes us look and feel amazing!





FD Bulsara, BSc, NCCP weightlifting

Head coach, CrossFit Ile Bizard