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Week 4 of the Eat Clean Challenge!

Well, it’s 4 weeks in and I’ve seen a lot of things change. I am hearing a lot of “oh I was following it…” and so on. Stay strong my friends! It is far from over. 


This is a tough time of the year for healthy nutrition and making it into the gym regularly. I think I saw the sun for 32 seconds last week. 


Anyhow, we are at the beginning of another week for the eat clean challenge and there is plenty of time to get back on that wagon for those who dropped off. Superbowl Sunday has been a great way to excuse being “off track” but that doesn’t mean your whole week should be a waste!


Get back at it, and don’t think your coaches aren’t paying attention! We hear the chitter chatter… 


I thought I would share my stories of food and difficulty… this week I actually cooked! 


This is my version of spaghetti-squash-spaghetti: 




 I cut the squash into halves and roast it in my toaster oven (I’m classy like that) for 45 minutes with some salt, pepper and olive oil (Andrea’s advice). 




Then for the meat, which is terribly bland, I start by frying half an onion in the pan first, adding in curry powder, tumeric and chili powder. I let it cook well – or saute, as they say, before adding the meat (thanks for that advice, mom).


Next step is adding the lean ground beef and regular tomato sauce from a jar – watch out for sugar on the label on these. Cook that for a long time on low, covered. I never pay attention to the time, I just know that it’s cooked after it smells really, really good!


I ate that and, okay, I’ll be honest, a bottle of wine… 


My top 5 tips to stay on track for the next couple of weeks:


  1. Reduce stress in other areas of life – stress is a bummer and makes you crave sugar
  2. Eat avocado! – Its a great source of fat for your fat snacks, and carries 9 calories per gram, unlike carbs and proteins, so you’ll get more energy by eating less. 
  3. If you have a craving, deal with it and move on! – just because you had 8 gin and tonics last night it doesn’t mean you can’t eat clean today…
  4. Think about Sherry’s abs every time you lose motivation. 
  5. Drink more water. Add a little lemon squeezy… 2 full glasses first thing in the morning works like magic on your digestive system… 



Good luck my friends! Stay strong! 





FD Bulsara, BSc

Head trainer, CrossFit Ile Bizard